Management  Team

Robert "Bobby" Hodges  - Managing Partner

Forest Hamilton, Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel

Glenn Andrews, Co-Founder

Left Behind Recovery LLC  (LBR) is an approved Texas oil & gas operator in good standing. specializing in utilizing cutting edge technologies and technological processes in order to extract incremental reserves from existing fields containing significant quantities of proven hydrocarbons.

LBR has assimilated a team of seasoned oil & gas professionals with the requisite experience and expertise in the latest petro physical, engineering and field management acumen geared toward the extraction of hidden pay; the reserves left behind by previous operators.

LBR controls acreage containing large deposits of crude oil and employs a unique methodology whereby existing well bores and the bedding planes connecting them are evaluated on multiple levels, delivering a precise, low risk blue print for enhanced oil recovery solutions including horizontal drilling, chemical stimulation, open hole fracking and efficient, cost effective lifting techniques.

Through their intimate knowledge of the reservoirs, the well bores, the formation and utilizing the suite of technologies we possess in conjunction with our management team, the Company can add significant value for its shareholders and investors without undertaking the risks associated with exploration and production activities of traditional oil & gas operating companies.

The management team at LBR believes it could be in a position to reap extraordinary returns while other arenas within the oil and gas sector must deal with significant risk factors, geopolitical risk and higher rates of taxation and high barriers of entry.  Their belief is, they can deliver incremental recoverable reserves from the oil field leaseholds well below the industry averages, combining the proven experience of its senior management staff with cutting edge technological breakthroughs in the geophysical and engineering fields.

The operating team has knowledge of the arena dating back to the 70’s. They know where to find the most promising leases within the fairways at Luling; some of which have been in production for more than eight decades.  Without the benefit of the value added technologies, developed by Nutech Energy Alliance, these fields will still be underperforming for many more decades to come.

LBR, believes it has developed a unique suite of technologies and technological processes. Combined with that is a seasoned group of oil and gas professionals with the requisite knowledge and expertise to deliver to investors and shareholders superior internal rates of return in conjunction with the very attractive risk/reward profile made possible by the two chosen areas of interest. 

Currently they know of no other place where such a perfect storm of large recoverable reserves, existing well bores affording an elimination of exploration risk, proven technologies applicable to the particular venue, access to infrastructure and superior knowledge and expertise within that space exist in today’s marketplace

America has many areas with similar characteristics to these oil fields. Old ideas and outdated strategies do not solve problems. Most of our country’s larger oil concerns have been forced to move to the deeper waters of the Gulf or beyond, or perhaps they have been convinced that the shale plays with their high costs, lack of infrastructure and uncertain commodity markets are the answer for their shareholders. 

LBR is an oil company. LBR has enough gas to provide the requisite drive for their production acitivities, and are developing large reserves.  This they believe will provide superior rates of return in the coming years while solving a still vexing question in the country and the larger International arena.



About Nutech Energy Alliance


NuTech is a privately-owned comprehensive global oilfield services company, founded in 1998 by ex-Schlumberger and Numar / Halliburton executives who pioneered Nuclear Magnetic Resonance research and development. Headquartered in Houston, Texas with over 80 employees, NuTech has offices in the US and internationally. Service experience with over 45,000 wells analyzed in over 80 countries throughout the world, and an unprecedented accuracy rate which allows their clients to identify, quantify and produce their hydrocarbon reserves with more confidence – without the added expense of running new logs.

Well in production  - AMY
Horizontal Fracturing of Well


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