Know the Project

The current project is situated in the heart of the Luling Branyan and Salt Field, Caldwell County Texas. Caldwell County is just south of Austin, Texas.

The leaseholds consist of approximately Thirteen Hundred (1300) acres, they are surrounded by property that the Operator, Left Behind Recovery is currently working and the area as a whole has collectively produced more than 250,000 barrels to date.

The drilling program is already set up with the necessary infrastructure and equipment for immediate drilling.

The Operator has a current joint venture in another lease zone with a well-respected Texas based Investor.

Petro-physical studies conducted by NuTech Energy Alliance, a worldwide renowned engineering firm, concluded that the leasehold properties, the Area of Interest, in the zones known as The Pecan Gap which is above the Austin Chalk, and below the Chalk of the Edwards formation could hold substantial reserves. NuTech Energy Alliance used synthetic 3D modeling that is based on data from more than 40,000 drilling and stimulus completions.

Horizontal Well Technology application, Austin Chalk.

The recent engineering reports produced by NuTech Energy for the Operator, estimate production in the Area of Interest in the Luling uplifts of the Austin Chalk, to be comparable to that which has been accomplished in the Pearsall and Giddings areas by using advanced horizontal wells with massive multi-stage fracture stimulus at 9,000 feet depths.  The Luling uplifts of Austin Chalk halfway between the Pearsall and Giddings fields are the same formation, which should hold the same reservoir volumetrics and which should therefore respond in a similar fashion to drilling and fracturing stimulus strategies that were successful elsewhere.


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Geologic & Geophysical Review

Matrix permeability and porosity are generally low in Austin Chalk Field A horizontal well drilled obliquely to the naturally occurring fractures, has much higher probability of intersecting several of these fracture systems, especially given the fact that 92%‐97% of the recoverable original oil in place is still present

Encountering multiple fracture systems will definitely increase the PI, minimizing the problems associated with a typical vertical well, which is the steep decline rate, and greatly multiply the ultimate recovery of reserves. 

Although the oil is light; approximately 37API, it is somewhat viscous due to the presence of paraffin. The Company’s planned utilization of the ERA‐3 inorganic polymer, which has been shown to raise the overall PH level of in place fluids, should be most helpful in alleviating these factors, which should assist in maximum flow to the borehole and improvements in permeability.


The latest  horizontal and fracing techniques will be utilized by the Operator. Drilling and fracing will be overseen by the Company’s team of seasoned oil and gas professionals; all of which have decades of direct experience in senior management positions with firms such as Koch, Halliburton, B.J. Hughes and major drilling contractors.

All wells drilled will be recommended by Nutech, a cutting edge geophysical and engineering firm that creates synthetic 3D modeling, replicating the textural characteristics of the rocks by creating algorithms basis the electronic logs supplied by the company on the wellsNuTech’s huge data bank in the Austin Chalk, as well as the Eagleford, a formation known to be a major source rock thereof, enables it to deliver reserve estimates that are remarkably consistent with actual audited proved producing reserve figures. By identifying the areas of highest permeability within the 300’ thick Austin Chalk formation, NuTech can guide the Company toward applications in the horizontal strata containing the largest concentrations of recoverable hydrocarbons, thereby maximizing efficiency and cumulative production.  All drilling equipment used by the Company will be specifically designed for the horizontal drilling, and will have personnel particularly qualified for the Austin Chalk applications, with many years of experience


above -    Producing well - LILY    
below -  Fracing in progress  - Caroline well